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Ministry Teams

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The Spring Hill Church of Christ operates by using Ministry Teams to carry on the major portion of work in the church. These teams are usually headed up by one of our Elders or Ministers and one of our Deacons. Team members consist of people in the congregation who have an interest in helping out in a certain area that the team is responsible for. We try to involve everyone in the work of God's Kingdom. Following is a list of our various Ministry Teams with a brief explanation of what they do to serve Christ here at Spring Hill.


Activities Ministry Team
The Activities Ministry Team is responsible for special events that especially include food and fellowship. We especially like to eat at Spring Hill! This includes the annual New Years Eve party, the summer church picnic, the youth/adult basketball fundraiser (which offers lots of good food to the spectators), "Sundae Sunday" when we make our own ice cream sundaes, and other similar fellowship events.

Benevolence Ministry Team
Our Benevolence Ministry Team provides food and assistance to our church members and to the needy in our community, especially at crucial times like holidays, but year round as well. Financial support is also given to help people in our congregation be able to participate in church sponsored events who otherwise could not afford it. And this ministry team provides funeral assistance like meals in the time of a family's grief.

Building & Grounds Ministry Team
This important ministry team takes care of our church building and campus so that our facilities not only look nice, but function properly. This includes any need building repairs or upkeep. Since we have such a large campus and building, this requires constant maintenance and work.

Children & Youth Ministry Team
The Children & Youth Ministry Team oversees Kids Church, our annual Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt, "Ignite" Lock-ins, Youth Group Meetings, CIY conferences, Butler Springs Church Camp, and various youth fund-raisers and trips. This of course involves many adult sponsors and teachers. This ministry team headed up by our Youth Minister.

Christian Education Ministry Team
This essential ministry team heads up our Sunday School program for both our youth and adults, Vacation Bible School, and "Tuesday School" which is our preschool program held on Tuesday mornings throughout the school year. The Christian Education Ministry Team makes sure that the curriculum is true to the Bible and that all teachers are qualified to instruct others in the Word of God.

Finance Advisory Team
Our church takes great care in seeing that the money given in tithes and offerings is wisely used here at Spring Hill. Each year, an independent review of our accounting records is done. Our Finance Advisory Team is carefully selected to insure the utmost integrity in the handling of all of the monies of our church.

Health & Safety Ministry Team
This is one of our newest ministry teams at Spring Hill. Most of it's members consist of police officers and nurses that we have in our church. They are overseeing programs that promote the health and well-being of our congregation, both when they are at church and when they are at home, work, or wherever they may be. This team makes sure that we have the necessary equipment at our church to take care of any medical emergencies. They also put on certified CPR and First Aid classes. Plus, they make sure our church building is a safe and secure place to worship.

Missions Ministry Team
The Spring Hill Church has always had a deep interest in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. The Missions Ministry Team oversees the support of missions both in the United States and abroad. Each year the church sponsors a World Outreach Weekend. Mission speakers and other mission emphases are featured during this weekend. Missions speakers often come to Spring Hill to acquaint us with the work of the Lord being done around the world.

Outreach Ministry Team
The Outreach Ministry Team is responsible for working to bring new people into our congregation through advertising via newspaper, billboards, television commercials, radio, website, etc. This team also makes an effort to make visitors feel welcome and encourage them to come back. Another objective of the Outreach Team is to assimilate new members into active service and participation in the work and ministry of Spring Hill.

Prayer Ministry Team
The purpose of the Prayer Ministry Team is to provide opportunities for our church family and guests to engage in prayer together. This includes special times of intercession such as the National Day of Prayer and in years past, our outdoor Prayer Walk.

Recreation Ministry Team
As the name suggests, the Recreation Ministry is responsible for organizing various sports and team events. This includes a softball league team, bowling league team, our annual "100 Mile Club" (in which participants have ten weeks to either walk or run 100 miles), etc. We also are very blessed to have a gymnasium in our Family Life Center at our church which includes a full-size basketball court. Periodically, we offer open gym night for all ages which includes not only basketball, but volleyball and dodgeball as well.

Seniors (O.W.L.S.) Ministry Team
We are thankful to have many older adults (over 50 years of age) in our congregation. We realize it is often their example and their instruction which has brought the rest of us to faith in Christ. Our O.W.L.S. ("Older, Wiser, Loving Seniors") usually have at least one special event each month such as a river boat dinner cruise, a trip to a museum, Bunco game night, or some other fun activity.

Small Groups Ministry Team
In a church our size, it is important to allow people to be able to participate in Bible studies and fellowship on a smaller more intimate basis. So, we offer Small Groups usually ranging from ten to twelve people in number. These small groups often meet in various homes on Friday nights, but also on Sunday nights at our church building. We encourage everyone to find a group that they can join to help them grow in Christ.

Volunteer Ministry Team
As you might guess, a church building our size needs a lot of volunteers to help clean windows, the kitchen, classrooms, restrooms, etc. Our Volunteer Ministry Team oversees this important area and coordinates all of these efforts. When everyone pitches in to help out, we are able to keep our church facility looking clean and bright.

Women's Ministry Team
Our ladies are a vital part of the Lord's work at Spring Hill. They are involved in many important projects including the annual Mother/Daughter banquet, Christmas Dinner, Ladies Day in October, Prayer Breakfasts, overseeing the delivery of meals to the sick, funeral meals, etc. Their hard work is greatly beneficial to the ongoing ministry of our church.

Worship & Music Ministry Team
The Worship & Music Ministry Team is responsible for the overall aspect of the worship services that we have at Spring Hill. This includes the upkeep of the piano and organ as well as the sound and screen project systems. They also schedule those who will be preparing the Lord's Supper each Sunday and those who will be serving it. They schedule those who will be having special music, praying, and delivering the communion & offering meditations. Their goal is to provide the very best possible worship experience for everyone who is present on Sunday.

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